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About us

Michele and Clinton have owned and loved dogs their entire lives. Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherds, Irish

Setters, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, the best-ever mutt Ernie, and currently, 2 beloved Belgian Shepherds.

Following a successful television career as a senior Director, Michele now dedicates her life to her passion of

training  dogs and handlers to gain the best possible relationship based on trust, integrity and transparency.   

With 15 years experience instructing at Obedience Clubs, she also trains and competes with her own dogs

to high sporting achievements in Obedience, Rally-Obedience and now starting  Agility and Herding.  

Michele has been employed part time by FOWAS at Moss Vale's Wingecarribee Animal Shelter for the past 5 years,

training varieties of dogs and puppies in basic manners, obedience and behaviour modification. The aim: to provide

confidence and allow them to think/make good decisions for themselves in a force free environment. There's nothing

more fulfilling than watching a dog gain confidence, learning a new trick, or playing with a toy for the very first time. It

improves their chance for re-home and a much-deserved new beginning. She's also personally involved in canine rescue

organisations and consults privately as a Behavioural Assessor and holds a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Studies, 

 Behaviour and Dangerous Dog Handling.

Michele regularly attends seminars, online courses, workshops  and webinars by local and overseas speakers to keep up to date with current

philosophies.  Conferences include Denise Fenzi, Fred Helfer, School of Canine Science (SoCS), Ken Ramirez, Kathy Sdao, Sue Hogben, 

Dr Ian Dunbar, Steve and Vicki Austin, Suzanne Clothier, Terry Ryan, Peta Clarke, Betty Fisher, John Rogerson, Prof. Paul

McGreevey, and many more.

With a passion for positively educating, engaging and empowering handlers and dogs, dedication has no

boundaries.  Michele devotion to dog's truly shines through especially in rescue work.

We believe in new beginnings and providing a fresh start - warts and all!


We love watching them bloom in a happy training environment.  Dogs and pups in new their homes, having fun   

learning through Puppy School and Good Manners classes with their handlers, gaining confidence through games

and scent work, providing education on life skills, dietary information and cognitive care. 

Michele is a current Committee member of FOWAS the (Friends of Wingecarribee Animal Shelter), Moss Vale.

Clinton - an absolute dog nutter - is committed to Totally Pawsable's enrichment services and assisting with nervous dogs. 

Clinton was previously employed at the Wingecarribee Animal Shelter.

  • APDTA Member (Assn Pet Dog Trainers Australia)

  • Dogs NSW - Member

  • FOWAS (Friends of Wingecarribee Animal Shelter)  - Committee Member

  • Southern Highlands Kennel & Obedience Club - Member

  • Hills Dog Club Inc. - Member

  • Metropolitan Mid-Week Dog Training Club  - Member

  • School of Canine Sciences - Member




    Reward  based training is used; Both Classical and Operant Conditioning.


                            Totally Pawsable Dog Training is fully insured with Marsh Advantage Insurance.

                                                                                      ABN:  59038923678

Childs Play
Beginings of Puppy Love

"Michele is a gentle and amazingly effective dog trainer.  She gets lasting results - You'll learn and practice more than your hound/s!  

Fun and trouble-free teamwork."


Dr Lyndy Scott 

Veterinarian and owner

of a delightful dog

Rally Obedience


"Michele has given me an understanding of dog behaviour and training that I never imagined possible.

I look forward to working with Michele in the future to achieve better outcomes for both my own and the shelter dogs."

Vanessa Montgomery

Beagle Beach Day


"My Cocker Spaniel, Chester, loves Highland Nose Drive - Nosework. It has also helped with his focus and has made him calmer.

Thanks Kellie, Michele and Clinton"

Sally and Chester



"Michele has been working with myself and our huge bundle of mischief Wynston the Maremma Puppy for the last 6 weeks and we have both come a long way. Couldn't be happier with the help we have been given.

 Wynston and I are always happy to see Michele, him for the treats and myself for her great company! Highly recommend Totally Pawsable."

Becky and Wynstan

Belgian Shepherd

"I had Michele visit my home and my four rescue beagles. I needed assistance with my latest rescue 5 year old beagle Grace who had

never had any obedience training previously. I was so impressed with Michele's expertise in positive training methods, she made the training time with us both effective and fun to reinforce a positive relationship between Gracie and I.  


After meeting my four beagles Michele was also available to house sit for me as well. This is the first time I have ever come home to such

four chilled out dogs, she really is the 'doggie expert' and I would

highly recommend her for training and house sitting."

Deborah Barnes-O'Leary 

Beach Dogs


"You guys have done such a wonderful job teaching Marty and me how to work with Layla and teach her things she needs to know.

Ready for a long happy life together!"

Elle, Marty and Layla

Shelter Training

"Really enjoyed our Puppy School experience with our Miss Scarlet. Thanks Kellie & Michele for your expert training tips. Look forward to more training with our strong headed pup"

Josephine, Andrew and Scarlet

"Michele and Kellie were great teachers.

Our naughty pupperino Hank, who missed out on puppy school, now has the skills and a certificate to prove he has good manners. Thank you!"

Michelle, Tim and Hank

"We took part in the puppy classes with outstanding results!!! Kellie and Michele were extremely knowledgeable, experienced, approachable and professional. Our Dobermann Puppy excelled under their guidance and we as owners learnt so much. 
We will definitely be return clients and highly recommend Totally Pawsable and the team !!!!"


Anna, Johnny and Luther Lamarra

 Totally Pawsable Dog Training is honoured to be involved in The Southern Highlands

wider Community for all animals.













The ‘Friends’ have been involved with the Shelter for over 13 years, raising funds for abandoned and surrendered dogs and cats. Our aims are to continue to assist with strategies for the successful re-homing of animals at the Shelter. The average number of animals re-homed each year is 355.

We support and assist the Shelter management to continue to maintain a minimal euthanasia policy.

Our 150 registered Members who collect, deliver, pick-up donations and regularly walk dogs and cuddle cats – and through the generosity of the local community we continue to care and provide the best we can for abandoned and stray animals.

Every dollar raised through raffles, fund-raising projects and monthly collections from over 140 FOWAS donation tins from local retailers supports your local Shelter. Through the generosity of the local community adult dog and cat food is donated at supermarkets and collected by volunteers.

We purchase special food for animals with dietary needs, pay for elective surgery, buy paddle pools and shade cloths, beds, pet requirements and many ‘extras’ to improve the quality of life for the animals – which ultimately assists in their re-homing.

To find out more and get involved please don't hesitate to contact us.

Wingecarribee Animal Shelter
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