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   Training in The Southern Highlands

Whether it's general behaviour or etiquette training for dogs of all ages and sizes, great and small, 

we can help.  Puppy training, enrichment programs, dietary advice, preparing for advanced

competition trialling, noseworks, dog walking, transport, or in-home care - We have it all.

Nothing maintains that foundation you've built, or the relationship and trust you're investing with

your dog more than positive, reward-based training. Training should be happy, consistent,

and most importantly - FUN!


It's training YOU to train YOUR dog.  Building that trust and confidence as a team. 

Education is key, it's important your dog be well-mannered around people and other dogs.

Much easier said than done - right?  We can provide exercises on focus and attention. 

We owe it to our four-legged friends to bring out the best in them - both physically and mentally.  

What a thrill it is watching them use their brains and make good decisions.  

Why not start with Basic Obedience Training?

It provides the foundations for your dog and YOU, as their handler, to evolve as a team. 

Building and enhancing that bond is one of the most rewarding and important lessons you can both discover.


Learn about Nutrition and the importance of Enrichment in your dogs daily life.  

This is imperative to their overall wellbeing.

Do you work during the day?  Dogs love getting out and about (just like us).  

We're happy to Visit, Walk and entertain your dog/s from their own home... and it's all guilt-free.  We'll play, cuddle, feed and water them, assisting with your busy lives. We love dogs, the very reason for starting our business.  

Please note: We do not condone leaving a dog at home alone for more than one day.

Our training philosophy and methodology is always reward-based.


Puppy School Classes:  

Socialisation and proofing for life's events.  

Includes general Obedience; Sit, Drop, Stand, Stay, Come and the most important... the RECALL.

Loose-lead walking and assistance with the more unfavourable habits of learning not to jump or mouthe. 


Good Manners Obedience Classes for all Ages:

Teams who already have some experience of working together and wanting to further hone their skills or refine their teamwork.  

Taught by Obedience Instructors.   Also for more mature dogs who, for one reason or another, may have not had a great start or much training, such as rescue or rehome - It's a new day and a fresh start to life so let's begin from day one with a fresh outlook.  

Teach them that working together as a team provides happy experiences, confidence and fun... And best of all, food or their favourite toy!  

Train for loose-leash walking and to stop jumping.

Advanced Obedience Training (CCD, Novice and CDX):

Honing and refining your skills; Breaking up the exercises, making it fun and interesting. Stability and trust exercises.

Trial practice and group stays.  

We are happy to provide information to newcomers on entering trials, the routine and what to expect on trial day in either 

Obedience or Rally-Obedience.


Rally-Obedience Training:  

Being able to talk to your dog in Rally is a great motivator, their experience is one of fun, happiness and being very clever!

Beginning at Novice and learning the signs... what's required from you?  

Then practising Rally-O stations with your dog.  

This sport continues with working your dog in a ring on lead to off-leash Advanced, Excellent, Rally Advanced/Excellent and finally Masters. Interpretation of signs and rules included with your level of experience.


Highland Nose Drive - Nosework:

Let's put your dog's nose's to good use by joining in the fun of the newest craze in the dog sporting world - Noseworks!

Empower your dog's sniffer while the fun of the hunt is embellished to its full potential - Did you smell... Dogs have up to 220 million sniffer cells!

Your dog can be a detection dog too with you by their side working together as a team on the hunt to find the ultimate target.

Providing enrichment and rehabilitation for canines, the positives are endless when it comes to the physical and mental exercise this sport provides, while the confidence building for timid or shy dogs is enhanced, and the redirection of energy for high drive dogs and building focus for aroused dogs is expanded on - The list is endless! Our canine's are known for their amazing sense of smell - Let's Sniff!








 Highlands Good Canine Awards: TBA

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